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The Animals Will Forgive Us Again 

Hope the new year is starting out right for you!  The weather here, as well as most of the East Coast has been FREAKING COLD! Brr.."it sure is cold out Aqua SleepMan."  Anyone? My Nashville friends?    But if you are fortunate to have some furry earmuffs like myself, you are weathering the cold with very few complaints.   Since late October,  I travelled to Los Angeles, Savannah, GA, Charlotte, NC and Minneapolis with Sardines Out of A Can.  Thanks to all of you that came to the screenings.  I had a spectacular time.  On a personal note, I was so touched to share some time with so many old friends in Charlotte, NC,  but especially dear Chris Piegler who came to the show despite facing some serious health issues. He unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago and so many of us will miss his enthusiasm, laughter, optimism, warmth and  generosity.  We love you Chris!  

On a separate note,  here's how I feel  about marriage.   An outtake from Sardines Out of A Can with funny man John Early.

In serious music news! Tigers and Monkeys will be celebrating the release The Animals Will Forgive Us Again, of our first album since 2007 on February 27th at Union Hall in Park Slope! You can purchase the album on iTunesAmazon right now.   Come to the show!  All the heavy hitters will be there including Joachim Kearns, Russell Dungan, Jason Lam, Jeff Sheinkopf, Jody Bilinski, and Antonia Santangelo. Special guests performing with us are Corrupt Autopilot along with comedians Katina Corrao and Nimesh Patel.   Make plans now to attend this All Star celebration. Those of you that live in other cities, check Airfare Watchdog for cheap flights to NYC.  So there you have it.  It's all up to you now.   I believe in you! 

Sardines Out of A Can screenings, NYC's New Mayor, Debby Boone is so pretty - 

I have no idea what people do with their short films, outside of put them on the internet.  But I however am a rock n' roller, so I am travelling with my film (as that's what rock n' rollers do) and sharing with my friends.  If you know of any other secrets to touring with a film - let me know.  I will be in Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor, on Thursday, November 21st, 9pm and in Savannah, Georgia at Hang Fire on Saturday, November 23rd at 8pm.

If you came to the Sardines Out of A Can screenings here in NYC at Wythe Hotel on October 24th, thank you!  It was an unbelievable night, with performances by Adam Wade, John Early, and artwork by Russell Grey raffled off at every screening.   Here are pics from the NYC party.  Thanks to all of you that attended.  

Just returned from Los Angeles, where I screened Sardines Out of A Can at The Dorie Theater in Hollywood.  I was a bit more nervous in LA as I was off of my home turf,  but all went smoothly especially thanks to  amazing performances by Ron Lynch and Chris Thayer  and the help of Ricardo Rosario Jr., Justin Joseph Hall, Ileen Goldsmith, Jen Sirisuk and Nathan Pierce.  I did receive a couple of "That was nuts!" reviews (and nothing else) which I refuse to take as disses.  I prefer to believe that those reviews keep me moving forward saying to myself -  "I'll show them!"  What I'll show them, I don't know.  I'll just show them.  

It has been over a year since I've been to Cali, and it is still sunny, warm, and beautiful outside of the god awful traffic.  It was tough to sit in standstill traffic with hundreds if not thousands of cars seated with one person each, and not feel the guilt of the fast death we are all inflicting upon the earth.  But hey, LA, Cali is like a real life Disney Land, and it didn't take long for me to ignore reality, and fully immerse myself into its greatness.     
Here is a pic from the LA screening - air band help from Sona Bagchi, Nathan Pierce, Scotty Landes. 

Here is the Amazing Renaldo, one of my favorite comedians of all time - Ron Lynch.
We in NYC have a new mayor! He won over 73% of the vote.  Here is a photo of his beautiful family.  I have a recent family photo of my family in the Oval Office with the President.  When are mainstream media outlets going to catch up with America?  We are an ethnically diverse nation and we should be proud of it.  

Lastly - this is on my mind.  Debby Boone sang "You Light Up My Life" in 1977.  It was number 1 for weeks on the Billboard charts.  Here she is singing in silk pajamas - just awesome. She was beautiful as a young woman and she's still beautiful now. Do you see her selling Lifestyle Lifts?  I don't think she's ever had a Lifestyle Lift.  Do you?  Do you imagine getting older and getting a Lifestyle Lift?   I'd like to think I'll age gracefully but until then, I shall not judge.

 Have any of you had a Lifestyle Lift?  If so, send in your reviews.   Any of you know, Debby?   I digress!